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The 3-Step Framework to Expand Your Business In Sub-Saharan Africa

Without Wasting Your Time On Uncertainty

Get The GPS Navigation You Need For a Strong Foothold in the African Market

  • Set clear GOALS for the African market
  • PRIORITIZE to avoid wasting resources on things that don't give any return on your time invested
  • Get a clear STRATEGY to dominate your market
  • Know exactly which countries to target
  • Learn how to brand & localize your product in the African market
  • Create the marketing strategy that maximizes profits and ROI
  • Get in touch with TRUSTWORTHY local partners

Some of our clients include:


In this online video training, you'll see...

Module 1: Introduction: The GPS Framework

Module 2: Get Goal Clarity: How to Set Clear Goals to Dominate The African Market With Your Company

Module 3: Prioritization: The 7-Pillars Framework: How to Know Exactly What to Focus On Without Wasting Time And Resources

Module 4: Strategy: How to "Localize" Your Product By Building Your African Network With Trustworthy Partners

Then a deep dive into the Nigerian market: The KPA In-Country Framework You Can Apply to Any Country in Sub-Saharan Africa

Module 5: Gaining Market Knowledge: Get Knowledge Easily About Your Customer Avatar, Your Competitors, Your Distribution Landscape, And How to Sell Your Product In Your African Market

Module 6: Building Partnerships: Find The Right Partners With A Step-By-Step Process

Module 7: Anchor to Minimize Risk: How to Make Decisions to Minimize Risk By Leveraging Your Resources

Module 8: "Get Your Clarity" Workshop

Module 9: Your Next Steps?

And Get These 3 Amazing Bonuses For FREE!!

BONUS #1: Interactive workshops and workbooks ($97 value)

Taking action on what you learn in this training is critical. Included in the training are implementation workshops and workbooks with checklists and resources to help you stay on the right track.

BONUS #2: Peer accountability group ($197 value)

As you watch the training, you may want to run your implementation ideas past someone. Or perhaps discuss related challenges that could use feedback. Our exclusive LinkedIn community is a great place to connect with other people going through this training.

BONUS #3: 1:1 30-min Strategy Session ($497 value)

After you've completed the course, you'll gain access to a bonus strategy session with me. In addition to answering your lingering questions, we'll uncover hidden opportunities, discover remaining roadblocks, and create an action plan for crushing your long-term goals.

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If you are not happy with the content of the course within 14 days, we give you a 100% full refund, no questions asked.

What some our clients are saying...

"kpakpakpa delivered outstanding support to our team. The market study prepared regarding the NIGERIAN refinish market was very comprehensive and helped us to define the right strategy for our products. We highly appreciated the way the project was handled, especially the very close follow up and the way our engagement manager adjusted the study based on up-coming requests. Also the contacts and potential partners found were highly professional." - Johannes Fischermann, Business Manager RSA & Sub-Sahara, working with Axalta Coating Systems

"kpakpakpa Inc helped our organization survey and procure off-grid appliances in Nigeria. Nifemi and the team were able to quickly acquire technical knowledge of off-grid appliances in a small and niche market all while effectively navigating challenges throughout the project. They had consistent communication and were overall extremely reliable. Thank you to the kpakpakpa team on a job well done." - Riley Macdonald, Project Coordinator at CLASP

"Very satisfied with KPAKPAKPA Inc. services. I was involved every step of the way. One thing I definitely appreciate about this whole setup is that kpakpakpa gave me the insight into the market, before I actually came there, and also listing on potential partners to go through was such a great help because I definitely did not know where to begin. I also had a number of days to choose from for my business visit and the assistance with facilitating these meetings in Nigeria where things can be hard to coordinate was a positive experience." - Dennis Amanaka, Regional Sales Manager East Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana, at Radiometer

"kpakpakpa helped me significantly in my qualitative research about the challenges facing the automotive industry in sub-Saharan Africa with detailed insights based on valuable experiences locally in Nigeria as well as in the US. I really appreciated how personalized and suited the pieces of information I received through this advisory service are. Everything was fact-based and backed up with real examples which you cannot simply get from newspapers and reports. It was a pleasure to work with kpakpakpa and I definitely recommend it!" - Skander Salah, Student/Researcher, Technical University of Munich

"Kpakpakpa was great in helping us research fin tech landscape in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite our pressing deadlines, Nifemi was extremely accommodating and delivered a top notch quality job with lots of useful insights right on time. He also went out of his way to accommodate our additional inquiries and was very helpful. I hope we will keep working together and I gladly recommend this company to anyone looking into doing business on the African continent." - Daria Gonzales, CEO of Wunderdogs

Get ALL of This + 30-min Strategy Session

For One Incredibly Low Price...

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Just One Small Payment of $37!



Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with the GPS Course

The African Business Expansion GPS course comes with 9 easy-to-follow business modules, an Africa-Wide and country-specific expansion framework, a free 30-minute strategy consultation, access to an exclusive business community on LinkedIn, business clarity worksheets, and a 54-country prioritization excel worksheet.

The GPS course will be delivered DIGITALLY to your inbox, where you will get lifetime access to the course content and the community.

What will I learn?

In KPA GPA you'll learn:

  • How to identify profitable business opportunities in Africa
  • Which African markets to prioritize
  • How to develop tangible goals and a system for accountability that drives growth
  • The steps necessary to localize your solutions to acquire eager customers in priority markets
  • The "Anchor Method" to minimize risk, avoid obvious mistakes, and turn profitability to sustainability

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

The KPA GPS course will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase.

What's the return/refund policy?

We provide a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the content of the course, we will be happy to provide you with a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

How do I know whether the GPS course is right for me?

This course is for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to expand their organizations global reach into the African market. It's also for business developers that already have a presence in Africa but are stuck with stagnant or sporadic growth in sales.

That being said, this course is not for businesses looking for a quick fix to increase their sales next quarter. It is geared towards builders that want to develop a strong foundation for business growth in 1+ years.

What if I need more guidance for my specific business?

We understand that every business is unique and has different needs. That's why we complement the course with a 1:1 strategy session. Course members usually use this time to go deeper with their learnings by applying it to their specific business needs.

How does the peer accountability group work?

One of the biggest assets of this course is the community of like-minded business developers ready to or already venturing into the African market. In the group, community members help one another out by answering questions, providing guidance, and collaborating to explore (and exploit) new opportunities together. Once you sign up, you will receive an exclusive invitation to join this group on LinkedIn. There's only one rule - that's to be positive and respectful.

What's the investment?

The total cost of the course is a one-time expense of $97. If you take advantage of the limited offer, you can get the course at a discounted price of $67. This course unveils the framework that is the cornerstone of the services we provide to our multinational clients. Our African expansion packages start at $20k but we are providing you access to this framework so that you can immediately start implementing these strategies and jumpstarting your own business success by yourself.

Get ALL of This + 30-min Strategy Session

For One Incredibly Low Price...

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Just One Small Payment of $37!



Hey - I'm Nifemi!

And I want to help you get to your business goals in Africa quicker

Since starting my business - KPA - in 2014, I have led several Africa expansion and growth projects for multinationals, ranging from $300M - $5B in annual revenue.

I have helped entreprenuers and business development mangers build their business in Africa's top growth markets across industries - and continue to grow partnerships that return rewards each year.

While my business now enjoys the benefit of trusted commercial partnerships that exceeds our growth goals, please believe me when I tell you that hitting your expected goals in Africa hasn't always been easy.

I spent years learning the best approach to succeeding in the African business landscape. From getting the right resources, providing customized research, making decisions quicker, to helping business get access to new markets more effectively. I made many mistakes along the way, but ultimately I learned what created the most value.

And that's exactly what the GPS Africa Business Expansion Online Course is about. It is a digital academy to help you create value and expedite your growth goals in Africa, and it is going to make you the forward-thinking leader that identified the next best growth opportunity of the 21st century!

Nifemi Aluko, Founder of KPA.
Entrepreneur, Author & Music Enthusiast.
Amazon Best-selling Author in Ethnomusicology.

What some our clients are saying...

"kpakpakpa worked with us to provide market insight in Nigeria which is a new focus region for our organization. The engagement was fantastic and we were really impressed with the level of detail in the report presented to us. Nifemi, our engagement manager, has great attention to detail and really took his time to understand our business to enable him to produce quality information for us to use to build our strategy. Overall it was great to work with kpakpakpa." - Neil Gouveia, Sales Director for Africa at Zebra Technologies

"We got a clear view and map of the market structure giving us exposure to the key projects, stakeholders, and business contacts we need to develop our business in the region." - Rodolphe Vetchenou, Executive Partner Account Manager Africa at Illumina

"kpakpakpa gave me a deep inside into the automotive market and the education and training sector in Nigeria. Mr. Aluko, our consultant, was very professional and thorough, but also funny and very kind. It was a pleasure to work with him." - Valerie Baumgartner, Student/Researcher, Technical University of Munich

"We engaged kpakpakpa to provide on-the-ground input on the market landscape in Nigeria.

Throughout the project, the team was incredibly professional, responsive, and thorough. Certainly recommended!" - John Foye, Managing Director at Fenix International

"We got well-prepared market insights plus two quality days with potential customers. All meetings were well organized and with the right profile companies." - Wiktor Wencel, Regional Director EE & MEA at Positec


Get ALL of This + 30-min Strategy Session

For One Incredibly Low Price...

And You're Protected By My 100% Satisfaction Warranty!

Just One Small Payment of $37!