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It helps me cut through the noise and gives me a good snapshot. I'm quite impressed about the amount of data and information across the board, especially the insights it gives into some of the other smaller countries. As we think about further expansion, it's interesting to spot possible opportunities to capture projected growth, especially in the newer countries, while we stay focused on executing properly in our current major markets.

— Neil Gouveia

Pan-African digital partner to help you build faster and smarter

Book a demo to get an inside look into our Africa Market Potential AMP Dashboard. It:

  • Includes a visual 54-country market analysis and access to local business advisors to help you spot opportunities quicker and make decisions faster.
  • Includes an easy to use prioritization tool to help you rank and spot opportunities across countries and regions in Africa's 52-country growth opportunity.
  • Includes an up-to-date country and regional information and news to help the best business builders avoid obvious mistakes by deploying tested strategies and staying updated with country-specific regulations and compliance.
  • Includes easy to attach visualizations and graphs that you can use to update your management team during meetings and presentations.
  • Includes Market data and insights aggregated across all 54 African countries, sourced from over 50+ reliable sources, and contextualized by the best local expert - all in one "fit it in your pocket and go" package.

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The dashboard helps me “drill down” into country and industry insights, which allows me to easily spot the best opportunities and paths to grow my business .

— Jonathan Kola

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with AMP Dashboard?

The AMP Dashboard is includes:

  • Yearly updates of our exclusive African Market Potential Report and our monthly business development newsletter.
  • Country-by-Country visualization and market opportunity analysis.
  • Exclusive access to a pool of Africa-focused business advisors.
  • Country & region pages with up-to-date economic stats, strategies, and news.
  • A 54-Country database and prioritization tool with updated macro-economic data sourced from 50+ credible sources.
  • A business request hotline to address custom needs
  • [BONUS]: Free 30-minute phone or video consultation with a business development consultant to help you answer any business-critical questions.

What will I get?

In AMP, you'll get:

  • Access to "red-hot" and "white-space" market opportunities, local partners, and business advice
  • Regulatory landscape compliance updates and country business news.
  • Tips on how to avoid obvious mistakes
  • Country and sector-sepcific strategies to prioritize regions, build your business, and move faster
  • Easy-to-understand visualizations that you can present to your team.

Is this a book? Will I get a physical copy?

This is not a book, it is a comprehensive system for identifying opportunities and finding the right path-to-market in priority growth markets across Africa. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in our online resource except for consultations and customized projects requested through the portal on the dashboard . 

Can I get a physical copy?

At this time our AMP is only available in digital format. The benefit is that our resource is updated quarterly. You can download tables, take screenshots, and easily include visuals and data in your presentation.

How do I know whether [AMP] is right for me?

AMP is a invaluable resource for business development managers, sales directors, regional managers, entrepreneurs, or investors in charge of building their organization's business presence in Africa. AMP provides value for teams that are looking to develop and maximize mid- to long-term business goals across Africa. AMP is not for sales agents looking to make quick business connections to hit quarterly goals.

What if I don't find the resources I'm looking for]?

Every business is unique and the needs vary across the board. That's why our customer success and service team will be readily available to listen to your custom requirements and build it into your dashboard.

How does payment work?

You enter your credit card information through our secure payment method (powered by Stripe) when signing up for your new account.

What's the total investment?

Once you make your first payment, you have access to the dashboard for 1 year. Your credit card will be charged at the same amount each year to keep your subscription. You can cancel your subscription at anytime through your account settings on the dashboard.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my product?

AMP will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase. You will be able to access the dashboard with your sign up credentials immediately after verifying your account.

What's the return/refund policy?

We provide a 14 day money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

I love it. I like that I can explore the macro data myself. It provides a guide that makes more more confident. Instead of reinventing the wheel I'll just do what the successful companies are doing. I also like that some of the reports are free.

— Andrija Vrdoljak


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